Part Load


This is called a groupage or LCL service, meaning that your shipment with grouped together with other small shipments or that it’s Less than Container Load (LCL) and is priced in Cubic metres. Shipments can be collected from your door in Ireland but are delivered only to a depot nearest to your new home. Please note that we can collect only from ground floor, front door.

We can supply packing materials if required – boxes, bubble-wrap, tape and labels. We do take a deposit for these boxes, which is deducted from your final bill – this is usually Eur 50.00, payable prior to the delivery.

The basic idea of this service is that it is that you “Do-It-Yourself”. We supply the packing materials and you pack the goods yourself. Depending on your requirement, we will send you enough boxes to fill that space. If you have cartons / boxes / suitcases that you have already packed we will also ship them, you do not have to use our materials. The only advantage of using our boxes, is that they are all equal in size and we would know in advance of sending the boxes to you what the final shipping costs would be if you used only our cartons.


When the cartons arrive with you, take care to pack your items as carefully as you can. Remember that there will be some slight movement within the boxes while the shipment is on the sea, so you must take reasonable precaution while packing your goods against to protect against damage during the voyage.

When you have your items packed, just give us a call and we will arrange collection and bring your items to our warehouse. If you are living outside the Dublin area, please give us as much notice for collection as you can, so that we can ensure that someone will be available in your area to collect on your requested date.

While packing your goods you must make a packing list or inventory. This does not have to be as specific as – 7 jumpers 3 pairs of shoes and Childrens DVDs and giving a list. It is sufficient to number the boxes and say – BOX 1 Clothing and DVDs. You must be as honest and accurate as you can.

Please mark each box with your name, address and telephone number at destination Do not write the contents of the box on the outside.

When you have completed your packing please give us a call and we will arrange collection of your cartons. Please bear in mind that 1 person will arrive to collect – so the weight in the boxes should be as evenly distributed as possible – the cartons should be light enough to be lifted by one person.


We will need from you the following to allow us to complete all the relevant docs to accompany your shipment abroad o Completed customer check list o Completed inventory o Signed copy of our terms and conditions o A copy of your passport. o If this is a USA / Canadian shipment we will go through with you the additional paperwork required.

Customs require a copy of your passport – the picture page showing your name, date of birth and passport number.


When the full cartons arrive at our warehouse, they are packed onto wooden pallets in the way which takes up the least amount of space, so that we can offer you the best possible rate, and they are then shrink-wrapped together. The shrink-wrapping ensures that your boxes are kept together at all times throughout the journey to its destination. The outside of the plastic wrap is also labelled with your name etc, as in some cases this wrap is non-transparent. The pallets which we use for these shipments are heat treated. Due to the laws in certain countries with regard to pest control, this is essential.

At this point the shipment is measured for length, width and height. It is measured from the floor to the highest point, and likewise the widest points. This will give us the calculations to convert it into cubic metres, and from this we will calculate the cost for your shipment.

The goods are then sent to the port for shipment on Friday – Please note in particular for shipments to the US and Canada, we must have all the docs related to your shipment the previous Wednesday to allow us to lodge notice of the shipment with customs in Ireland and USA (you must indicate if you wish to use your own customs broker and give us there info) so that we are allowed to ship on Friday. If we cannot supply the docs on time – your shipment is held over until the following week.

On Friday the goods are shipped from Dublin to the continent (usually Rotterdam) on a “feeder vessel” – The ships which go to the States or China etc are too large to call into Dublin / Cork and so the cargo is offloaded from the smaller vessel, and your cargo is then loaded onto the larger vessel for international destinations.

When the container is then shipped from the continent, the ship’s agent issue a “bill of lading” this is in effect your receipt for the goods. It can also be used to track your shipment when you call the local agent.


When your goods arrive or are due to arrive at the destination, usually the local agent will contact you to let you know, that your goods have arrived and will go through the local charges with you. However, we will have already given you the expected arrival date. If you have not heard from the agent by this day, please do call them as perhaps they have been unable to reach you.

The Local agent makes arrangements to get the cargo to the customs bonded warehouse. At this point you will have to have your goods cleared through customs. This is your responsibility, though, in most cases the local agent can arrange to clear the goods on your behalf. For the US and Canada if you wish to use your own agent – we must have this info before the goods leave Ireland.

When the goods arrive at your chosen destination, they are taken out of the container and moved to the customs warehouse for inspection. The cost of this handling, the port and security fees incurred will be for your account locally, this will be approx Eur 180 per cubic metre and will be charged to you in local currency For point of order, please note that this is payable at the port of entry into the country and not at the final destination. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ESTIMATION ONLY OF THE DESTINATION CHARGES WHILE WE TRY TO BE AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE, IN SOME CASES THE FIGURE MAY BE HIGHER.

For cargo destined for the USA and Canada additional security measures now in force will mean additional customs charges upon arrival. If you choose to use the US agent who receives the goods to act as your broker, please be aware that the following fees now apply – further to the port handling charges already applicable and mentioned above. Customs clearance USD 125.00 per customs entry Pre-approval by US custom USD 35.00 per customs entry If you wish to use your own broker – we expect that these charges will still apply – however you must supply us with the information for this broker so we can file the pre-approval with them. Your goods cannot be shipped to the US / Canada without this pre-approval.

The local agent can arrange to deliver the goods to your home, but they will advise you locally of the charges and will set up the delivery with you for a convenient time.


Insurance will be arranged only on your request – It is rated at 4% of the value you give us for your cargo – or a minimum of Eur 50 which will cover you up to Eur 1200. Insurance does not cover damages if goods are not professionally packed, so the cover will be for loss/theft only and the policy excess is Eur 300.

Please do not put anything in the boxes that you will need access to on the first few days. You will not be allowed by customs, to remove any items from the boxes until they have cleared customs. So please do not pack any documents (your packing list) or any keys in the cartons.

Don’t ship any alcohol, tobacco products or any sensitive materials which may cause offence. If you do ship any of these items you must list them on your packing list. Duties and taxes payable on these items will be for your account and/or may be seized at destination by customs.

Payment for shipping must be received prior to the departure of your cargo from Dublin.

Customs at the destination physically inspect all cargo – if your cargo is called for further exam and customs wish to open boxes to check the items etc, these charges will be for your account. We have covered most things but if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will of course be pleased to assist you in whatever way we can.