Full Container Load


This is called FCL Service  (Full Container Load)
Containers come in 3 sizes:

20ft standard container 20 feet long 8 foot 6 inches high
40ft standard container 40 feet long 8 foot 6 inches high
40ft highcube container 40 feet long 9 foot 6 inches high

A 20ft container will hold approx the contents of a three bedroom house and would be the most usual type of container loaded.


We can supply you with some packaging for your clothes and books etc., i.e. boxes, bubble-wrap, tape and labels. While we do not charge for the packaging itself, we do send the boxes by courier so do charge for the delivery. The rates of delivery do depend on where you are living but we can certainly advise you of these charges once we know your address. You can of course call to our office to collect the packaging you require, to save on the delivery charges.

If you have your own boxes or crates you can certainly use these. Please however, bear in mind that due to the regulations in certain countries for pest control, it is essential that if you are sending crates / pallets in your container that they are made of heat treated wood. The wood should be marked with the ISPN 15 mark (see below) This does not apply to furniture, but only to packing materials made from wood or certain wooden ornaments i.e. bog oak.

Usually it is the case that we bring the container from Dublin / Cork to your home for loading. You will have only 2 hours loading time, so you must have everything packed up and ready to be loaded into the container. It is important to note that the driver is not insured to assist you in the loading so you should organise some help for the day. Certainly, you can take more than 2 hours to load, however, after 2 hours waiting time of Eur 50 will be charged per hour or part thereof. Please also note that the container will not be dropped onto the ground. The rates are based on the town in which you live, but we can advise you of this ahead of time.

If you require us to drop the container at your home, for loading and do not wish the driver to wait, double haulage is incurred, as the driver will be making 2 trips, 1 to deliver the container and 1 to collect it.. Containers will only be dropped on your request, and only if it will not be causing any obstructions.

If it is the case that you wish to ship your car along with your personal effects, we would suggest that the loading of your car is done at our warehouse. As the container would not be dropped onto the ground at your home, you would be unable to load the car without having the use of a loading bay where the car can be driven in. We do have these facilities at our premises, and can ensure that the car is secured properly in the container, and then we can collect your personal effects by separate truck/trailer. OR We can load the car here and send the container then to your home so that you can load your personal effects yourself.

So in effect there would be 3 transport related costs involved:

  • The cost of bring the container from Dublin port to our warehouse
  • The cost of loading / securing the car
  • The cost of collecting your personal effects separately.
  • OR
  • The costs of bring the container from port to our warehouse
  • The cost of loading / securing the car
  • The cost of bring the container to your home from our premises for loading.

You can arrange your own transport / loading with a separate company local to you, in this case we would release a container for loading, and you could settle these costs directly with them, and employ us solely for the shipping itself.


A packing list – This must show the number of pieces you have packed and your estimated value.

A copy of your passport – Due to heightened security this is extremely important, your goods will not be loaded onto the ship if we have not supplied a copy of your passport to customs.

Full contact details for you in Ireland and at your new destination – This is so we can contact you here in Ireland, and so that our colleagues can contact you when the container arrives at the destination.

In the event that you are shipping to the US or Canada – it is essential to have a customs broker organised before you leave. Due to the increase in security requirements for the US and Canada we must seek pre-approval from us customs to allow us to ship your goods. This is done through your broker, so it is vital we have their information asap to allow for soonest shipment of your goods.


When the container is returned to the quay for shipment, we will organise the relevant customs paperwork for you. For this the packing list is vital.

We will send copies of your packing list and passport to the ship’s agent for customs purposes.

We will require payment from you at this point before the unit leaves Ireland.

The container is shipped from Dublin / Cork to the Continent where it is taken off this ship and put on another ship going directly to your chosen destination.

When the container leaves the Continent (usually The Netherlands) the ship’s agent will issue what is called a “Bill of lading”. This is in effect, your receipt for the goods and your tracking document. It will also be required for customs clearance at destination. It is not necessary for you to have a hard copy of this document so we usually send you a copy by email. But we can of course post this to you at your new home.

The bill of lading will show:

  • Your name and address in Ireland
  • Your name, address and contact telephone number at the destination.
  • The details of your customs broker if you already have one sorted.
  • The container number (which can be used to track your shipment).
  • Details of your cargo.
  • Confirmation that the freight has been prepaid before you left Ireland
  • It will also advise the shipping company that it is an “express bill of lading” and that they should not request a hard copy from you, so that you can gain release of the container upon settlement of the local charges.


When the container arrives at its destination our agent will contact you to let you know that it has arrived or is due to arrive.

You will have to clear your goods through customs.

Please note for shipments to the U.S. that the shipping line, are prohibited by law to perform the customs clearance on your container. So you should check out customs brokers before you arrive, to get their prices and what services they offer. It is a good idea to find a customs broker who can clear the goods for you, settle the shipping line’s local charges and arrange delivery to your home and you in turn are paying only one party for their services. While this is only obligatory for shipments to the U.S., it is definitely worth taking this into consideration for any destination. These companies will assist you, and take a lot of the work out of moving.

You can however, still employ our local agent to arrange the delivery to your home or storage facility.


We would strongly recommend that you take insurance out on your cargo – We do offer insurance at 4% of the declared value – but will cover you only in the event of loss / theft. The excess on this policy is eur 300. As you are packing the goods yourself you are responsible to pack your items in such a way that there is no risk of damages.

You do not have to take out insurance with us, you can of course contact any insurance company, we would however ask you to provide us with a copy of your certificate of insurance.

Please do not put anything in the boxes that you will need access to on the first few days. You will not be allowed by customs, to remove any items from the boxes until they have cleared customs. So please do not pack any documents (your packing list) or any keys in the container.

It is not advisable to ship any alcohol, tobacco products or any sensitive materials which may cause offence. If you do ship any of these items you must list them on your packing list. If you have any alcohol or tobacco in your shipment you are liable for any customs duties and taxes which may apply at the destination.

Customs at destination may decide to open your shipment to check inside. For shipments to Australia / New Zealand – customs do open every container to examine the cargo.

There will be local charges at the destination separate to our quotation, please note that these charges are entirely determined by the office at destination and are for handling charges and customs fees (customs fees not included for shipments to the US). They are not negotiable – but you should budget for approx USD 400.00. This however, does not include delivery or fumigation costs.