About Us

U-Pack is a Service of Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd.

Irish Shipping & Transport is a company with its roots in the old Irish semi state shipping company, Irish Shipping. IST commenced trading in 1989 and since then has grown into one of the Irish market leaders in Road Sea and Air transport and logistics. Our Business and skill set is quite diverse, Warehousing and Distribution, liner agents, transport operators, forwarding agents, customs clearance, Global Forwarding, Global container Crosstrading, Own road freight Services, Waste Shipping.

We work quickly and efficiently!

  • Sensible concepts
  • Individual solutions
  • Dependable contact partners
  • Personal support
  • Many years of experience

For more than 20 years we’ve been focusing our high standards and meeting customer needs. This has made us what we are today, a specialist for demanding jobs for customers who expect more of a company than just simply our low prices.

Irish Shipping & Transport have proven service solutions for the following:

  • Overland Road Services to/from United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland,  and Turkey.
  • Container Services  World wide with our network of offices and partners in 254 country’s across the globe
  • General Deep Sea Forwarding to/from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Peoples Republic of  China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Africa & General African Continent, Saudi Arabia & all Middle East destinations.
  • Global Supply Chain Management.
  • Global Forwarding – special projects – moving factory’s – heavy lifts.
  • General Warehousing/Logistics – all Ireland distribution service.
  • Specialists in container Cross trading , China – USA  , China – UK  , South America – USA , Etc .
  • Specialist in the Chinese market  both LCL and Full load  to Ireland.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to become the largest independent Irish freight forwarder by continually increasing our client base through the delivery of total logistics solutions, driven by our beliefs in quality, integrity and professionalism.

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Whether you require delivery or logistics services or fulfillment, defined freight forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, we are here for you.

We think about our customers and our work based on such values as:

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Integrity
  • Affordability
  • Efficency
  • Innovations
  • Responsibility
  • Preciseness
  • Friendliness